Best Hosting Company 2020 : A2 Hosting Review

April 15, 2020

A2hosting is the leading host provider, facilitating its users by anonymous and tremendous features. Above all, it is also famous for its quality and durability. In the same way, they retained their place in security and reliability as well as quality.  Moreover, the A2hosting featuring several customers with different hosting services and packages. Besides, more than 90% of the A2hosting customers will recommend their services to other friends. So if you want to be a customer of A2hosting click the link below.


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The journey of a2hosting hosting was started back in 2001 under the leadership of Bryan Muthig, who is the CEO of the company. Thus, Bryan with his strong background and experience in the UNIX system launched the a2hosting. By the growth of the company hired excellent team members, also located different data centers across the globe. At first, the Company hosted a few websites of family and friends. Afterward, the ratio of prominent websites hosting has now Spiked to thousands of websites.


Features and pros

As in the online market, each singular company is claiming to provide multiple services. While A2hosting not only claim but also ensures its customer with the following features.

SSL certificate

SSL certificate is the most important feature where few Web-hosting companies provide. The SSL ensures the trust and security of your website visitors. The main advantage of SSL is to enhance web security and increase visitors to your website. The A2hosting enabling the user with a variety of SSL certificate which is affordable and fit their needs.


Swift Server

A2hosting understands that a 1-second delay in page load can affect the traffic on your website. Therefore they spent about 10 years to deliver a swift server platform to boost visitor satisfaction and conversion rate. The swift server platform allows users to get the fastest site performance. The inclusive-features of the swift server are to provide free SSD and turbo servers which give 20 times more loading speed as compare to others. Besides, it has a performance plus option that adds some additional resources such as double the CPU core and GB of RAM to your account in pursuance to maintain your side speed while spiking the traffic.


Domain Transfer

The domain transfer is not that much easy but A2hosting provides it quickly and easily by just through the Extensible Provisioning Protocol code of your previous registration company. However, it has a wide range of hosting option available for domain transfer which is affordable and fit your specific needs. The domain transfer can also avail the option of high-performance server and turbo, in addition to featuring free DNS management and domain theft protection. In the event of an inquiry, the Guru Crew team of A2hosting is 24/7 available to assist you regarding domain transfer.


Developer Friendly Hosting

Developer friendly is the tremendous option that A2hosting provides in order to facilitate the developer with multiple solutions namely; windows software or Linux. The a2hosting load your account with the most popular development software.

Some of the development software include in your accounts are:

PHP 4.4 to 7.4 all version

MySQL 5.6/Maria DB

PostgreSQL 9.6

Python 2.6, 2.7 or 3.2

PERL 5.10

Apache 2.4



Free SSH Access

SSL & Free SSL



Managed WordPress Hosting

Word Press and A2hosting both platforms launched in 2003. The A2hosting is the proud member of the WordPress community who does not only attend the Word Camps and Meetups but also provides sponsorship to the interested customer.

Therefore, if you are looking for a fast WordPress hosting so a2hosting is the best solution for you, in order to increase traffic on your blog and speed of your loading page. When you are going to place your order make sure to avail the high-performance SwiftServer and blazing fast turbo server of A2hosting.

A2 Optimized WordPress Hosting


VPS Hosting

The Virtual private network is the intermediate solution between a dedicated and shared hosting solution. VPS is specially designed for medium sites that have a decent amount of traffic on their site. In 2020 A2hosting is considered among the most top VPS hosting solutions. A2hosting is providing their customer three types of management solution given below;

Ultra-Reliable VPS Hosting

  • Managed VPS Hosting

If you consider your self to be uncomfortable with the command line then I would recommend going with the Managed VPS Hosting because it is providing you the same ease of use as shared hosting, but with the upgraded feature of VPS.


  • Unmanaged VPS Hosting

This is for experienced developers who have a grip on the command line because it gives you access to customizing the server configuration.

  • Core VPS Hosting

Core VPS hosting has the combined features of both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting.


VPS Hosting Plan

Overall, A2hosting provides three types of plans to their customer under the VPS which is Power+, Prestige+, and Pinnacle+. The following plans of A2hosting are given below:

To know more detail regarding VPS Hosting Plan and Packages click the link below:

VPS Hosting From A2 Hosting


Dedicated Hosting

When you choose dedicated hosting its means that you are seeking better hosting, don’t worry you are in the right place. A2hosting is the top host of 2020 among dedicated hosting featuring the high performance and ultra-reliable hosting solution. At A2hosting you will be serving with the fast dedicated server including SwiftServer platform and turbo server. They have covered all the customer needs whether you need more RAM or storage because a dedicated server is designed for large size of business and website. in addition, you will have access to the server within less than 30 minutes.

You can choose the Solid State Driver server which is faster than the Hard Disk Drives. SSD loads your site 300% faster in comparison to HDD.

The main advantage of a dedicated server at A2hosting is that it has an auto-notification system. On account of this, they automatically contacts the support team when some issue is discovered relating to hardware or software.

They provide you dedicated free IP address which has a lot of advantages such as enabling you for anonymous FTP.

The dedicated server is completely scalable because as your businesses grow, the support team upgrades you to the solution that accomplishes your needs.

The A2hosting provides a wide range of dedicated hosting solutions such as; unmanaged server, SSD server, managed, and core flex server. The price of the unmanaged server starts from $99.59, discount SSD server $129.30 whereas managed and core server price range from $141.09.

Ultra-Reliable Flex Dedicated Hosting

Money-Back Guarantee

Usually, if you feel unhappy with the A2hosting environment, you have a chance to cancel the order within 30 days. So, the A2hosting refund you all the money excluding domain registration fee, setup fee, and migration fees.


Uptime Commitment

A2hosting understands that site down can lead to a loss in your business and affect your bounce rate as well as traffic on your site. That’s why A2hosting gives you the 99.99 percent of uptime commitment.


Customer Review

As far as consider the customer review regarding the A2hosting, so almost 97 percent of customers have satisfied. Furthermore, all customers will recommend others to their services of A2hosting.


Should I host my site on A2hosting?

This is a very common question asked by so many customers in order to satisfy themself before joining the hosting community. Considering, the majority of positive reviews and the excellent services and packages such as; high-performance SwiftServer platform, the blazing-fast turbo server of A2hosting affirms that you can go with it. Beside A2hosting has covered all kinds of customer needs and providing hosting affordably.

A2Hosting is also the Best Hosting Company of 2020.

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