April 12, 2020

FatCow Plan for $3.15/mo. only

Fatcow is usually an endurance international brand of web hosting which was founded for the first time in 1998 by Jackie Fewell.
Fatcow delivers the best web hosting for small businesses, also personal and medium level businesses. Endurance International Group (EIG) is the owner and management system of Fatcow. EIG is also an owner of iPage, BlueHost,, and many other best-hosting sites. Fatcow is a famous brand that’s why it is in competition with other similar brands.
FatCow – Small business web hosting you can rely on!



Unlike other hosting providers Fatcow is among the best website hosting provider because it offers from small MiniMoo that is simply a domain or an email address to a full-service plan which includes everything that anyone run on a website. In comparison to other providers, the price of the fatcow is very low which makes it able to be affordable for everyone. It’s an owner of fatcow to the top web hosting.
Free domain transfer and legendary domain name support are offered by the Fatcow to those who are already members of this best web hosting for small business, along with this it also offers money returns in 30 days if you are not satisfied with it with no question to be answered.



1.Good support and quick response

The support team of this best website hosting works very smoothly and gives you the response very quickly that you can’t imagine. Though some people do not have the same thinking we have that can be due to some specific reasons. Apart from quick responses it provides, it also offers a vast knowledge base for its users to live chat support. In this wide knowledge base clients can finds answers to the problems they are facing about the domains, email, accounts, partnership programs, files, security, and any other question. Also, you can search about any keyword or phrase.


2. Honest Pricing and Upfront

Upfront pricing is a method where organizations reveal every rate and price related to online buying from the ultimate start. The advertised cost must usually match the ultimate price. This permits clients to shop surely via knowing precisely how much they’re going to pay.
Other web hosting providers usually made deals of years with their clients upfront with the purpose to secure the price you paid to them in advance. The other common way they use is mostly at the renewal time of prices where they increase the charges regularly making its clients pay more and more to them.
Unlike these other website hostings, Fatcow makes real deals with its clients and also known as a low advertised website. They did not use any tricks with their users.


3. Free Website Transfers and Domain Names

If you are already having any website hosted at any other place, Fatcow is the only one that helps you in the transfer of chargers for free.
If you are new to Fatcow, it also provides you with the free domain names for signup to an account.


4. Guaranteed Money Back 30 Days

Fatcow offers money returns with guarantee in 30 days if you are not in favor of the hosting plans, also there will be no question to answer from the web provider.
Be Aware! Your money will be refundable if it is paid through a credit card. PayPal is not acceptable.
FatCow Web Hosting. Free Trial, Free Setup, Free Support – All risk-free!


5. Free Web Icons

Are you looking for some web icons for the framing of your site?
You don’t have to worry about it because Fatcow offers you 3926 latest and professionally designed web icons that are completely free to its users. Though they are free Fatcow looking to you to credit them for icons creation.
There are four major hosting plans of Fatcow


6. Original Fatcow

This introductory cost of this plan is just $3.15 per month and renewal is on $8.95 per month. After a month they are gradually increasing. It includes infinite email addresses, bandwidth, and disk space. Social networking credit of $50 will be also given to you after signing up for a shared plan. Also, you will be provided with 1GB storage of JustCloud and makes your access free to website builder and domain names. All these things are helpful in the site up.


7. WordPress Blog

Fatcow is included in the best web hosting for WordPress. For set up of WordPress, the blog company needs to sign up for its WordPress Blog Hosting. The starter plan of WordPress begins at $3.75 per month and an essential plan begins at $6.95 per month. Things included in both of these hosting plans are a custom made control panel, core web hosting plan, plugins, and pre-installed themes.
For business blog hosting essential plan of WordPress provides improved speed, support, and protection. Apart from this, the starter plan has all the basic things anyone needs for a WordPress blog.


8. VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is the other plan choice offered by Fatcow. Under this, there are 3 basic VPS Hosting plans.
Basic Plan: It includes 1 core, 1GB RAM, 40GB storage, 1TB bandwidth
Business plan: It includes 2 cores, 4GB RAM, 00GB storage, 3TB bandwidth
Optimum Plan: It includes 4 cores, 8GB RAM, 120GB storage, 4TB bandwidth
The price of this plan ranges from $19.99 to $79.99 per month.


9. Dedicated Servers

There in the dedicated server of this top web hosting is also 3 plans among which you have to choose the best option for you.
Start Up Plan: It includes 2 cores, 4GB RAM, 500GB storage, 5TB bandwidth
Professional Plan: It includes 4 cores, 8GB RAM, 1000GB storage, 10TB bandwidth
Enterprise Plan: It includes 4 cores, 16GB RAM, 1000GB storage, 15TB bandwidth
The price of this plan ranges from $119.99 to $191.99 per month.



1. FatCow Aggressive Upselling

Fatcow engages you in its internal selling. After being a part of Fatcow, they are trying that you sign up for its free icons and application trials. After the ending of these trials, you should pay. In case of forgetting the cancellation of trials, they will charge you for this.


2. Limited Hosting


Being the best web hosting for small business Fatcow advertises the unlimited host but it has some limitations. This limitation can extend to such a level that it may suspend your account. If you are using too much storage and bandwidth that can lead to the suspension of your account. So unlimited hosting is not the truth about Fatcow.


3. Limited Server Locations

Unlike other similar top web-hosting providers, Fatcow is the one that only provides its attributes to the united states (US). This is counted in its disadvantages because in other famous places like Europe, Asia, and Africa there is no facility for Fatcow.


4. Backups Aren’t Free

Minor website issues or problems tend to pop up from time to time as you’re working about making website updates and changes. That’s why many internet hosts will provide backups to assist guard their customers. FatCow provides them, however, they’ll set you back with more $16.95 a year.



Along with many advantages, there are some disadvantages to this best website hosting provider. So, there are many likes and dislikes about the Fatcow. Thought its uptime is below average and page speed is a little slow, but this should be kept in mind that it is very honest in its pricing and support. So, for starting up a small business at a personal level this best web hosting for small business is a perfect recommendation for you but if you are working on it on an enterprise-level then we will be not in favor of Fatcow.
Register now and get 65% off your initial purchase of the FatCow hosting plan.

FatCow Web Hosting



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