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May 6, 2020

Difference between BlueHost and Dreamhost.

Both companies were established in 1996, BlueHost is owned by the endurance international group whereas DreamHost is owned by a

private group of people.

The main focus of BlueHost is web hosting services while DreamHost offers a variety of services including cloud storage and computing.

Let’s talk about the Dreamhost review vs Bluehost review.


Speed and uptime

DreamHost claims offer a 100% uptime guarantee while it

only delivers around 99.9% whereas BlueHost also provides a 99.9% uptime

without making any specific claims. So we can say that both web hosting providers are quite similar

as far as uptime is concerned. When we compare the speeds we

find that both offer competitive speeds. However, DreamHost has a slight edge over it as it uses SSDs that ensures fast website page speeds while BlueHost uses SATA disk drivers that are comparatively an old technology with slightly lower page speeds.



When it comes to performance both BlueHost and DreamHost are

quite similar to each other and probably that is the reason why they are

popular web hosting providers for many years now. However, BlueHost has some

added advantages as it uses CPU segregation technology that intelligently

controls the central processing unit and also provides security from viruses

and spam. Therefore we think that BlueHost in this Review is the winner here.


Customer support

customer support service and customer satisfaction are

among the top priorities of any good web hosting provider, similarly, DreamHost and Bluehost customer service is also great. 24/7 customer support is

provided through email, live chat, and phone.

They also provide online forums for customers to discuss

on important issues regarding their web hosting plans.

DreamHost has a slight edge over BlueHost as it provides a

web hosting manual that has troubleshooting, user guides,

and tips and tricks. BlueHost customer service offers tickets to contact their customer support. We recommend you go for a telephone or live chat to quickly resolve your issues.



If you want to move to BlueHost it offers migrations up to 20 email accounts

and five websites at a price of dollar 149.99. They also

claim that an expedited service, uninterrupted transition, and complete

migration will be done without any problem.

While scrutinizing Dreamhost reviews we found that with DreamHost migration to any dream press plan is free while migrating to standard hosting plan will cost a dollar 99 per site.

However, there are some limitations with DreamHost migration

plans so here we think BlueHost performs well.



BlueHost has a starting price of dollar 2.95 per month that

offers free domain registration and SSL certificate. Automatic WordPress

installation and 24/7 customer support are other features with this basic

plan. While DreamHost has a starting price of dollar 3.95 per month with its

shared unlimited plan. It offers one website free domain, SSL certificate, and

free installation of WordPress along with fast SSD storage. Other features are

unlimited traffic and unlimited bandwidth, now they have included some new features like WP website builder and free automated WP migrations that make Bluehost India one of the finest web hosting plans.

So with the basic and starter packages, we think DreamHost is

better although BlueHost is cheap with its 2.95 Dollars per month price DreamHost offers many more features with their 3.95 dollars per month price.

If you have a small business with fewer requirements you should opt for the basic plan of BlueHost, while medium-scale businesses should consider DreamHost shared unlimited.

DreamHost also has a shared starter package with a starting

price of dollar 2.59 per month that offers one website, free domain, unlimited

traffic, and pre-installed WordPress. These features along with its cheap

price make it a favorite option between BlueHost and DreamHost.


VPS pricing

Both the web hosting providers offer VPS services. Now

let’s talk about their pricing. BlueHost offers a standard VPS plan with

a starting price of dollar 18.99 per month, it offers a system with two cores

processor, 30GB SSD storage, and 2GB of RAM. An IP address and 1 TB bandwidth are other features available with this plan. While DreamHost offers VPS basic plan which is suitable for new and small websites. It has a starting price of dollar 10.00 per month with various features. It provides a system with 1GB of RAM, 30 GB SSD storage, and is suitable for unlimited websites. It also provides a free SSL certificate and unlimited traffic along-with email facility. We think that the VPS basic of DreamHost is the winner here as it is cheap and provides more

features than the standard VPS plan of BlueHost.

Enhanced VPS plan with BlueHost has a starting price of

dollar 29.99 per month It offers two cores CPU, 16GB SSD storage along-with 4GB of RAM. A 2 TB bandwidth and IP addresses are also included with an enhanced plan.

While DreamHost offer is a VPS business that is designed for small businesses and has a starting price of dollar 20 per month. Other features include a system with

2GB of RAM and 60GB SSD storage, unlimited traffic and website, and free SSL

Certificate. We think that the VPS business from DreamHost is the winner here

because the only difference is 4GB of ram comparing the two. While

enhanced plan from BlueHost is more expensive than VPS business from Dreamhost.

However, Both of them are Best Web Hosting Companies in the world.


Our Verdict

We think that both of them are among the Best Web Hosting Companies. There are some differences between the two web hosting providers are if you want to get cheap web hosting for your medium-scale business then you should consider DreamHost. Otherwise, you should consider Bluehost as with this the high spec offers are better.



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