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April 15, 2020


Dreamhost is one of those best web hosting companies that are around for twenty-five years old as of now and hosts around 1.5 million websites around the world. They have maintained good performance during this period. They had an above-average uptime of 99.94 percent. They offer good page speed too of 648ms.

The main shared hosting plan of DreamHost comes with website builder options like Wix, Weebly, and others. They also provide access to popular applications such as WordPress and more, which makes it very useful. This plan consists of an unlimited bandwidth along with unlimited disk space. Both of these are important factors in determining web hosts these days.

A 97 days money-back guarantee is also provided with this shared hosting service.

We will talk about the cons in detail later however just giving you a glimpse.

Dreamhost offers limited customer support. This is not the only problem with Dreamhost, Migration from another Dreamhost account, another Top-Level Domain (for example to, or another host is offered by Dreamhost. However, it will charge you a fee of $99 for migrating to a standard hosting plan. It is free if you are migrating to any Dreampress plan (an upgraded version of the standard plan).

We have done a transparent analysis of some of the top Webhosting companies over the last twenty-four months. We have compared those with Dreamhost and found that it performs well.


Hosting Overview and General Info

To give a quick idea of Dreamhost’s performance we have discussed it briefly. Dreamhost gives a good uptime of 99.94% which is competitive compared to other Webhosting providers, it also has a fast speed of 648ms which was observed by our experts between February 2018 and January 2020. Dreamhost has unlimited storage, free domain for one year, and unlimited bandwidth, not just this it provides a free SSL Certificate which is a backbone of any website’s security. It also supports famous applications like Blogger, WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Drupal, and others.

Callback and Ticket support is also available with Dreamhost. Although the Site transfer is not free we think Dreamhost overall is a better web hosting provider. The hosting plans it provides are Cloud, Shared, VPS, WordPress, and Dedicated servers which gives you a good variety to choose from.

The Starting price is $2.59/mo as having the same renewal price.

Let’s talk about the Pros of Using DreamHost web hosting in detail.

Dreamhost provides fast uptime and speed, it also has unlimited features which gives flexibility to the users. With a refund policy of 97 days which is longer than other hosting providers, it gives time to test their services and makes it one of the top Webhosting companies in the business.


The renewal price is also affordable as you don’t have to pay a 2 or 3 times more.

Let’s dive right into the results we’ve got.


Fastest Webhosting Speed (648ms)

The success of any website directly depends on its speed and with Dreamhost, you get a fast speed of 648 ms. Although it performed well enough to be considered, unfortunately, it fell short of 317-405 ms speed which is the average of the first five web hosting companies on our list.

The good thing about having Dreamhost is that it retained a good average speed. Just in September 2017, it went to 1,317 ms loading time which we didn’t expect. However, it went back to normal in the months that followed.


Good Uptime (99.94%):

Our experts have tested DreamHost over 24 months and found that it has an above-average uptime of 99.94% which is not bad at all. It also provides an uptime guarantee which gives you credit for the cost of service. In case your monthly average Uptime decline you will get repaid.

Dreamhost provides an uptime guarantee of 100%, however, user errors and scheduled maintenance are not included in this guarantee.

If your site goes down or there are issues with your site, email, database, or webmail are covered by this guarantee.


The average uptime for last year:

When we talk about their uptime Dreamhost performed well over the last one year. It hit the figure of 100% three times and the overall average remained over 99.90 percent.


97-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

After reviewing over 30 web hosts our experts have observed that most of them provided a thirty days refund policy which is lower than Dreamhost. Only a few hosts give 45 days refund period. With Dreamhost, you get a long period of 97 days which gives peace of mind. Users may experience problems with Webhosting providers after they have chosen one. So it is beneficial to have longer periods for testing.

There is no problem with the refund either and in most cases, they will refund you the complete amount you paid. However, there are a few exceptions like only credit card transfer will be refunded. Other payment methods like money orders and checks are not refundable. Another exception is that anything purchased through a third party or additional services you have will not be refunded. It includes SSL certificates, domain names, AdWords credit, and a few extras of similar nature.



High Basic Plan Limits

The Shared Starter option of Dreamhost has a starting price of $2.59/month which comes with several features.

Let’s have a look at some of DreamHost features. With Dreamhost, you get a free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth and storage, and a free cheap website domain name.

It also comes with Remixer which is their website builder, not only that they provide access to famous applications too. That list contains applications like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace. Zen Cart, Magento, Tumblr, Joomla, and phpBB.

Dreamhost also provides access to a pre-installed WordPress which helps to set your server with one-click install. There is no delayed verification system which is another positive sign with Dreamhost.

The final bit of good news on these plans is that there’s no longer a delayed verification system.

This was present earlier when we tested their service, a manual verification was required which had to take a few hours before you can use their services.

Luckily they have changed the system and now they only require extra verification in case something goes wrong with your payment.


Network Transfer and Unlimited Disk Space Limits:

Dreamhost provides a lot of extra features on their plans and pricing. They provide unlimited bandwidth and disk space, which doesn’t affect your website in case there is a traffic overload.

However, your website should be built properly otherwise they might move you to their private servers.

Dreamhost Email, VPS servers, and DreamPress are not unlimited so be aware of that.

MySQL databases have limited size in GB’s while the DreamhostEmail is restricted to two GB data limit.

If you own a small website with no excessive users you may consider going for Dreamhost shared servers.


Environment Friendly – Carbon Neutral (AKA Green)

Dreamhost is one of those best web hosting environmentally conscious companies. They are offsetting the carbon footprints of its servers with useful efforts and setting trends for other Low Price Hosting.

DreamHost is a green hosting provider as its data centers have high-efficiency processors and cooling facilities. They also use renewable energy and are part of the clean wind program.

Dreamhost’s offices are certified by the EnergyStar and LEED as they are energy efficient. They use Energy-efficient HVAC Systems and lighting.


No Higher Renewal Price Increase

DreamHost is a low price hosting if you are paying them for three years only.

Thankfully they keep the same pricing when you are renewing a plan.

Unlike other web hosts that give you a special discount in the first few years and increase the pricing by seven to ten dollars per month when you are about to renew your plan with them.

Dreamhost will keep the same price that you signed up for to give you the peace of mind. That means you will save money in the long run.



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