Best web hosting for small business (Bluehost Review)

April 6, 2020

When we talk about the best cheap web host around today the first name that comes to mind is BlueHost. The main reason why this is one of the most popular web hosting companies is that it provides some of the cheapest prices for its splendid quality, not just their prices but the security, reliability, and uptime makes it second to none. Websites that are using their plans are always going to be online and never go offline, this breathtaking quality makes it the best web hosting for small business when you need it the most.

Here is the link of official Website of Bluehost:

              Visit Blue Host

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Some of the features are mentioned in the table:


History & Background Of Bluehost Review:

They started their services way back in the year 1996 that’s over 24 years ago now. We can say that it is one of the old web hosting company going around. As we all know the older it gets the more trust it’s going to get. Experts suggest that trust is something that is earned with long-lasting reliability and with this best Webhosting for small business it holds true.

The founder of this best cheap Webhosting provider company is Matt Heaton who earlier introduced it as

They changed its name in the year 2003 for reasons best known to them but today we know it as Bluehost.

Currently, they have employees in numbers over seven hundred and fifty people to be precise are working with Bluehost. They are running more than 2 million websites around the globe which is a remarkable achievement.


Partnership with WordPress:

A true friend is the one who is reliable trustworthy and keeps company with you for long. The same applies to the partnership of Bluehost and WordPress as they are keeping this friendship for more than 10 years now. It is only possible with their dedicated staff members who are working 24/7 in order to provide WordPress support. We can say that without a doubt Bluehost is the best web hosting for WordPress. They also have the team for WordPress core development which makes it more worthy.

Due to the available staff, they are able to give more features and high performing WordPress hosting.

Bluehost has a strong open source community for all of there servers, scripts, and tools. They are developed on open-source software.


Advantages & Features of BlueHost

Nobody is perfect in this world and that holds true for Bluehost as well.

it is not a perfect hosting company but considering their competitiveness it’s still worth it.

The one thing is their length of service with over 24 years it doesn’t get a tough time comparing its counterparts. The number of websites it hosts is also a significant number and why wouldn’t it be a huge number of two million websites. It shows the customer satisfaction and their level of trust in Bluehost.


Bluehost Support:

When it comes to supporting they are always working as hard as possible to get you the best assistance. You can immediately contact them through their website. Discuss with them their plans and issues you are facing.


Bluehost Uptime:

The great figure of 99.99 percent seems unrealistic but it really is a fact with Bluehost as experts have tested it and verified that Bluehost gives you an uptime of that great figure.



Compatibility isn’t an issue at all with Bluehost as all the WordPress plugins and features are fully supported by this web host. We can also call it a compatible WebHost in the market.


Fastest web hosting with Fast Server Speeds:

All humans have many desires including a fast speed Internet. In the online world, you want to get any task done immediately, which sometimes is not practical and possible.


Bluehost gives you a fast loading speed it off course depends on the plan too which you will purchase.

Choosing plans like VPS and dedicated servers will be faster than shared hosting plans. When you compare its slowest which is mentioned is competitive enough to beat others in the market. There are other tools also available like Cloudflare that improve loading speed. CDN network is another tool that stores copies of the website on its different servers all over the world that helps reduce the time consumption and speed’s up the websites.

Why not give it a go Right Now! Just click on the link below to visit their website:

Visit BlueHost


1: Magnificent Server Uptime

The website online is the one that matters, an offline or down website is of no use for anyone. With Bluehost, you get good uptime comparing with others for its prices. It does a good job by giving over 99 percent and well up-to 99.9 percent uptime. Which is above the industry standard that is 99 percent but not all the hosts will end up providing the same.

Be it a low level shared hosting plan, the cloud hosting, or VPS – Bluehost will never disappoint you and may give you 100 percent with their uptime. A real plus point in the current circumstances when traffic load is too much on all, it makes Bluehost one of the best web hosting with the highest uptime.

If your uptime is low its obvious that you will lose customers in the form of visitors to your website. Luckily with this best cheap web host Bluehost, this will never be an issue.


2: Automated Backups (Bundled Daily Backups)

Backups are so important these days as many sites are now at risk of being hacked or stolen. Therefore they may lose their valuable data which they would never have wanted. Bluehost Automatically provides backups and restorations on all their plans, but they do have some limitations. You should use third party applications for regular backups.

But it’s incredible how Bluehost provide backups on all their plans

Now you have come to know why you shouldn’t waste any more time by not having Bluehost as your WebHost.

Just click on the link below and have the peace of mind! J

                        BlueHost Official Website


3: VPS Hosting

  • The first month you get the Standard package on $19.99, after that up to $29.99.
  • The enhanced package starts at $29.99 your first month, and after that, it’s up to $59.99.
  • The Ultimate package starts at $59.99 your first month and after that up to $119.99.


The prices they offer are in line with normal costs for the VPS Web hosting industry around.

The speed of 2 CPU cores is for the first two plans, for the top plan it goes to three and four cores.

A 30GB SAN Storage is what You get at the lower tier and not only this, up to 120GB bandwidth at the highest level.

When it comes to RAM it ranges from 2 GB to well up to 8 GB. At the Standard level, you get 1 TB of bandwidth, which at the Ultimate level goes up to 3 TB. One domain is included in each tier. The Standard tier includes one IP address; however, with the rest, you get two. There is 24/7 support for every plan and a money-back guarantee.


4: Dedicated Hosting

This package starts from a normal amount of $79.99 and then after its initial period goes up to $119.99.

There is an enhanced package also present, that has a starting price of $99.99 in the first month and followed by 159.99 per month.

How come we miss the discussion of the premium package which starts from $119.99 and followed by an amount that is over two hundred dollars and 209.99 to be exact.

The enhanced and standard plan gives you a normal core 2 duo CPU going at 2.5 GHz. Whereas the premium plan gives you a slightly high specs CPU which is clocked at 4 x 3.3 GHz.

Storage is an important factor in all hosting servers, it ranges from 500 GB(which is the lowest plan) to 1 TB the Ram is at 4 GB for normal packages, when you purchase an enhanced tier then the ram is 16 GB while the bandwidth is 10 TB. All plans are helped by 24/7 support.

One domain is common for all the packages while the standard package gets three is included, four is in enhanced and five in premium respectively.


5: WordPress Hosting

  • In WordPress hosting the basic plan starts at a low amount of $2.95 which comes for 36 months and is affordable.
  • There is a Plus plan that starts from $5.45 per month with the same 36 months subscription for medium-size businesses this is a good option.
  • These same specs apply to the Choice plus plan which is also worthy of business.



6: Security Features

The cybersecurity is so necessary these days as you know there are so many hackers around in the online world. Therefore it becomes more important to secure your website. Three layers of security are provided by Bluehost out of which one is Apache Spam other is an assassin and one is Spam Hammer. Your inbox is also protected by setting up filters.

If you need to block access to your site so your directories are all password-protected. By blacklisting is you can restrict people from hacking or accessing your site.

secure shell (SSH) access is a top-notch feature also provided by Bluehost, that allows its users to use configuration files individually and securely.

Bluehost is one of the best in the business which has a single-click integration with Cloudflare. That way it provides extra security and speeds up your website! Cloudflare is particularly good for preventing DDOS attacks.

The upgrading options with Bluehost are second to none.


7: Ease-of-Use

The main thing that all users dream about is the Ease of use as human beings are lazy and want to get things done easily. There is one central location where you can take care of your email address and websites. The enhanced interface of the cPanel or control panel is also very easy to use which makes it splendid.


8: Refund Policy

Bluehost has a refund policy of 30 days it means if you cancel a plan within the first thirty days you will be refunded. However, the domain fees are the exception to that means they don’t get refunded.


9: Customer Service

This is one area where Bluehost gets mixed reviews however as they say the majority is authority. The positive reviews are well above the negative and that is a good sign so we recommend you go for it.



4.0 rating
June 2, 2020



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