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April 27, 2020

$1.00/mo* Trust your web hosting to the #1 web host provider, GoDaddy!

GoDaddy web hosting is an American Web hosting company with its headquarters located in Scottsdale, Arizona It was founded by Bob parsons in 1997 in Baltimore, Maryland in the US.
The CEO of GoDaddy is Aman Bhutani since September 4, 2019, they have over 9000
employees working worldwide.
GoDaddy claims that it is the number one web host in the
World and probably is the best web hosting in India that offers expert hosting support. They guarantee a 99.9% uptime which
is magnificent and ensures fast load times and wonderful performance.
According to experts, GoDaddy is a well-known brand in the
web hosting space as it makes it simple to choose a domain name. Sign up and
Website creation is also very easy. If you don’t know how to code it is not a
problem with GoDaddy web Hosting as it has a website builder that takes care of you. You just need to tell your idea to GoDaddy you are almost there. You can also opt
for an email plan as they provide some splendid email offers. Security and
speed aren’t a problem either. It also provides 99.9% uptime and 24/7 expert support that makes it a pre-eminent web hosting provider.
SSL certificate is also available with GoDaddy that encrypts the mobile data on your website and makes it difficult for hackers to read your important information. Be it a username, passwords, or credit card details everything is protected and more protection
means more trust and reliability.
Many Godaddy Web Hosting Reviews are positive that encourage users to opt for one.
Visit the big daddy web hosting  now and get the foremost services here.

$1.00/mo Web Hosting from GoDaddy!


GoDaddy web hosting pricing

The economy plan

This plan is designed for starter sites and comes with basic resources it has a starting price of 3.10 US dollars per month. Features included with the economic plan are one website, 100 GB storage capacity, and unlimited bandwidth. Top-Class 24/7 support is also offered for this plan, a free professional email is provided for a 1 year trial period. The other feature
included is a free domain name. This plan is suitable for those users that want to find the best web hosting in Pakistan. If you are looking for the best web hosting India then you should go for the economy plan.


The deluxe plan

This plan is designed for more space and it offers flexibility for various websites.
This plan has a starting price of 3.72 USD per month. It
is currently on sale and you can save up to 45% on this plan. Features
included in this offer are similar to the economy plan plus unlimited storage
capacity, sub-domains, and unlimited websites.


The ultimate plan

The Ultimate plan is designed for heavy traffic websites
and has more power to deal with complex websites.
It has a starting price of 6.20 USD per month and you can
save up to 41% as it is currently on sale. The Ultimate plan offers some
wonderful features including 2x memory and
processing power to make sure your site is always up and running. The best
thing about this plan is that it comes with a free SSL (secure socket layer)
certificate for 1 year. Unlimited databases and free premium DNS are other
features listed with this plan. If you are running a medium or large scale
business Ultimate plan is the way to go.


The maximum plan

This plan is specifically designed to meet the
requirements of heavy traffic websites with high-resolution media. It has a starting
price of 9.93 US dollars and is currently on sale with 42% off. The features
included with the maximum plan are similar to Ultimate plan but it is twice
as powerful as the ultimate plan that means plus 2x more processing power and
memory. 2x maximum website traffic and a free SSL certificate for the full
terms are also included in the maximum plan


Let’s talk about some of the pros of GoDaddy.

Industry-leading domain hosting and page loads
GoDaddy provides access to Linux (Linux Web Hosting Godaddy) and cPanel that is
one of the fastest operating system and control panels respectively. GoDaddy registration
prices are low compared to others as it hosts over 17 million domains. You can
quickly sign up for the hosting and select a personalized domain. One of the foremost features is the provision of Linux Web Hosting Godaddy, we think you should go for one.


How GoDaddy helps small businesses

GoDaddy offers many splendid features that not only help you create a website but it has everything present to make sure your website stands out online. If you’re already on some other web hosting provider you can migrate to GoDaddy. Your website will be secure and fast. It also provides SEO friendly marketing tools that ensure high rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It is pertinent to mention that GoDaddy is an All-in-One solution
provider for your website, user-guides are available to the customers that
cover all the essential information. If you are looking for the best web hosting India you should give GoDaddy a try.


The domain name from GoDaddy

Domain name search and generator tools are available that
help you find a perfect name for your website. This is an important factor for
online success as simple and user-friendly domain names are more likely to
succeed. you can ask for suggestions from GoDaddy experts and they will help

30% off Personal Domains


Website builder

The fast and easy-to-use website builder is offered by GoDaddy
that shows you different professionally designed templates. Just simply type-in and
the templates will pop-up then you can choose from a variety of them, use
your own choice of text and styling and you are done.
GoDaddy web hosting a world leader
The length of their service, experience, hosting experts, and technology adoption make them one of the best in the business. GoDaddy helps customers, web developers, and businessmen with their outstanding resources. It not only helps them create and maintain an online presence but ensures that they are irreplaceable.


Godaddy Web Hosting Review for WordPress:

WordPress is one of the most popular content management
systems in the world today, it is important for web hosting providers to offer
WordPress hosting plans. GoDaddy offers affordable reliable, secure, and fast
Wordpress hosting plans that come with one-click installation. The latest
versions of WordPress are available for your site that helps you manage
everything from one place. A variety of add-ons and themes are also offered
that gives you limitless ways of success. A professional domain-based email has
many advantages like it builds trust. It is more likely that the customers will
convert if they see a professional email address like [email protected] com rather than
[email protected] Professional email also provides top-class security. It
comes with viruses and industry-leading spam filters that are not offered with
common emails.
Professional emails also help promote your business as they create brand awareness. Each time you send an email using your professional email it gives a strong indication that the business is reliable and trustworthy. Customers will more likely visit your website later on and
become potential customers.


Domain transfer to GoDaddy

GoDaddy‘s award-winning support and a free 1-year
extension on domain transfers is a popular reason why you should opt for the best web hosting India and all over the world.
If you already have one resource from GoDaddy then transferring your website,
hosting, or domain to GoDaddy helps you focus on just one provider.
The features included with all plans are one-click
purchase of additional services i.e RAM, IO devices CPU, etc. GoDaddy registered domain will get a one-click setup which is quite helpful.
Other free features are traditional, flexible and easy to use
cPanel, Distributed denial of service protection, and 24 by 7 security monitoring
team, Access of up-to 125 applications are available with just one click
installation including Drupal, WordPress, and more. Both for Linux and MySQL
you will get a 1 GB database storage that is outstanding. Windows web hosting
is also provided by GoDaddy you can check it on their website.



Unfortunately, some of the users have negative Godaddy Web Hosting Reviews.
They claim that the disadvantages of GoDaddy are response time issues- it takes longer for them to resolve your problem. GoDaddy also charges some additional Restoration fees. It also has no live chat support available.
Unlimited websites are not allowed in the economy plan whereas it
should have been. Some users have experienced time issues that are not good.
It does not always offer fast internal speeds.


Our Verdict:

We highly recommend GoDaddy as it has more advantages than disadvantages. More people have reported positive reviews of GoDaddy web hosting. It is fast, affordable, secure, and suitable for all types of websites.
So what do you think will you go for GoDaddy web hosting? Do you consider the big daddy web hosting? Without a doubt GoDaddy is the best web hosting in Pakistan so what are you waiting for?

Visit GoDaddy

$1.00/mo* Trust your web hosting to the #1 web host provider, GoDaddy!


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