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April 11, 2020


Hostinger started in the year 2007 about 13 years ago, now we know it as one of the cheapest web hosts.

It was known as at the beginning which was providing completely Free Hosting with no charges web hosting service. In the year 2011, they changed the name to Hostinger.

It made good progress and achieved a milestone of a user base of over ten million people. The progress continued and it became more popular with 29 million users.

The company boasts tons of unlimited features today but it is important to know in this Hostinger Review whether all the services they offer are really free?

Our experts have thoroughly observed their plans, they also checked some of them personally so others can take advantage of their experience. They set up their website and availed the services of Hostinger for over a year.

Want to visit their website to know more click here>-> Visit Hostinger

The pros and cons are discussed in detail which will give you a good idea of how good or bad the Hostinger web host is.


Hosting Overview and General Info:

Website UPTIME: As we mentioned earlier that our experts have checked Hostinger and they got a 99.95% Uptime. The duration of this test was around one year from February 2018 to January 2020.

Hostinger SPEED: The speed which they observed during the period was around 350ms.

SUPPORT: they got a 24/7 Live Chat Support with Hostinger for all their packages.

FEATURES:  Website bandwidth and storage capacity are important factors that define the success of the online business. The storage capacity you get with Hostinger is 10 GB storage capacity and a 100 GB bandwidth.

For developers and users website builder and email account are also necessary, you get a website builder and 1 email account with Hostinger.

APPLICATIONS: The applications that Hostinger supported are WordPress (Content Management System) open cart, Prestashop, Joomla, and Drupal.

HOSTING COUPON PLANS: Hostinger offers three types of plans one is Shared, and others are VPS and Cloud.

PRICING: When a small business owner is setting up his website the real question for him is the pricing, luckily Hostinger has got cheap prices. It starts from $0.99 per month (which renews at $2.15 per month Almost Free Hosting).

SITE TRANSFER: For developers that continuously migrate from one host to the other it becomes a problem. Luckily with Hostinger, it supports Single Free Site Transfer.

OUR VERDICT OF HOSTINGER: Best Cheapest Web Hosting


Pros of Using Hostinger Coupon:

If your sites load faster, stay online most of the time, and have got great support then it’s easy for you to choose a WebHost. All these features are available to Hostinger users.


1. Great Uptime 99.95%

Uptime is one of the most important aspects of choosing a WebHost and thankfully you get a splendid amount of uptime with Hostinger.

It has dropped in it a few months every year but generally, it works well most of the time.

Last 12-month average uptime:

The uptime within the last year was high most of the time, Just in the month of September, it went low to 99.65. However, it gave an uptime of 100% in several months which is too good for hosting WordPress.

The below discussion is about the Hostinger Free performance.


2. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Hostinger offers many different payment options like PayPal and visa to the renowned ones. It also supports other famous payment methods like Master card, American Express, and Bitcoin. Discover Maestro and JCB are also supported it means that the users are helped with various options.

They offer a thirty days money-back guarantee which enables you to test their services and if something goes wrong you get a refund.

Terms and conditions apply and it is important that you read all their information available on their website before making a decision.


3. Fast Load Time of 350ms- Hostinger Hosting Review :


Speed is a vital aspect of any website’s success; Your business depends on your website while your website depends on its speed and quality. Therefore you want fast loading speed in order to get good user experience. It helps them visit more often and become potential customers. Moreover, experts like Neil Patel (an SEO Guru) suggest that a website should load within the first three seconds otherwise it will be abandoned by 40% of its users.

In all the Hostinger Coupons they use boasts servers around the world present almost in all continents. Each one of them is reportedly connected to a high speed 1000 Mbps connection, to make sure they get fast site speeds. These fast speeds make a good Hostinger Hosting Review.


4. Multilingual Free Hostinger Customer Support

Customer support is also necessary for web hosting companies. Luckily with Hostinger, you get multilingual customer support which is tested by our experts.

Hostinger Coupon offers live chat, a multilingual customer support team, and their integrated Intercom as their main support system which rarely disappoints.

The only problem with Hostinger’s live support is that it requires an account to access it otherwise it is an amazing service.

Hostinger also has a huge knowledge base which has answers to user’s questions, It also has tutorials and articles of short and long lengths that are ready to help its customers.

In the knowledge base users can search for articles or choose between three categories:




Why not avail their services here.. Visit Hostinger 


5. Free Website Builder and Domain Name

As discussed earlier Hostinger has a free website builder and domain name. It helps users to make Hostinger their first priority for Hosting WordPress.  Although other website builders may have a slight advantage over this a free builder helps.


Hostinger website builder templates

Many templates are also available which can be customized easily. You can customize everything on your page after choosing the

You can customize everything on your pages after you’ve chosen a template using the Hostinger website builder.

Premium and business web hosting plans offer free domain names, which will save you money.

However, more payment is required if you need more than one domain.

More on that later.


6. Unlimited Features With Business And Premium Plans

Free access to unlimited email accounts is provided after you have chosen a Business or Premium plan. It’s easy to manage these accounts from the Cpanel with no guesswork required.


Hostinger email settings:

Accounts can be enabled or disabled easily, you can set up autoresponders and can send emails to custom domains.

Besides the Single Web Hosting plan, all others have an unlimited database and bandwidth support.

With the Single web hosting plan, you’ll be limited to 100GB of bandwidth, 10GB of disk space, an email account, and MYSQL Database which makes it the best choice for Hosting WordPress


7. Easy to Use Interface

Hostinger has an easy to use interface for its users, everything is easily accessible on its dashboard.

You are enabled to perform all activities with ease like checking logins and more.

The Cpanel Hostinger or control panel is an untraditional one but still not bad. It has large icons that make it simple to find anything.


Hostinger h-panel:

Generally, with other Webhosting companies, the control panel is known as Cpanel but that’s not the case with hostinger. It has replaced Cpanel to Hpanel which is easy to use for new users, it may not be suitable for those who are used to the traditional Cpanel but it still worth it.


8. Industry-Standard Pricing Tricks but Still Affordable

Hostinger promotes its prices in a false light but still not bad compared to others. As it provides the cheap prices, we can consider their shared hosting service as Cheap WordPress Hosting. However, you have to commit to them for four long years in order to use this service. Renewal cost also jumps up to $2.15 per month after the period mentioned.

It is not a bad idea to go for four years as it gives you more time to test Hostinger services for a low price. With other web hosting companies a low price often means to compromise on quality and speed, That’s not the case with Hostinger, so we can without a doubt call it as best domain hosting.


Cons of Using Hostinger:

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect and Hostinger is no exception as it also has some flaws. Generally, as we have discussed there are many features to like about Hostinger but let’s talk about its flaws.

Here’s an overview of few imperfections of Hostinger:


1. Must Be Logged in to Access Live Chat:

The first con is the problem with accessing their live chat support, you have to be logged in to an account.

Many people find it boring and time-consuming to make an account but you have to make one in this case.

To get in touch with Hostinger, click the “Contact Us” button without being logged in at the bottom of their site.

Contact us Hostinger


2. No Traditional cPanel Hostinger:

Cpanel is the traditional name of a control panel for many hosting companies but not with Hostinger. They have created their own Cpanel Hostinger named”HPanel”. Although its user is friendly and easy to use for new customers. But those customers that are used to work with Cpanel may not like it.


3. Nonstandard Payment Terms

There are some exceptions to Hostinger’s Refund Policy.

Let’s have a look at their refundable under standard terms:

They have problems with all hosting plans after the trial period.

  • Hostinger Domain Transfers: If you own a website with .eu in the domain you have to pay an extra charges transfer fee (Not Refundable).

The problem mentioned is with .es domains also moreover if the transaction fails for any reason the customer has to start everything again by paying the transfer fee.

  • Hostinger SSL Certificates: Redemption fees and privacy protection which are generally refundable with other web hosts, it is not the case with Hostinger. However new Hostinger domain name registrations are refundable only if canceled within 4 days. This is a very short period of time for cancelation and con with Hostinger.


4. Must Pay for Extra Hostinger Domains

If you are going with the Premium hosting plan, business shared, or Cloud hosting plan you get one free domain with all these. Additional domains have to be purchased as they are not providing them free of cost.




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